Would You Put Your Kid In
That Funnel?

If the answer is hell no… then I question the intent you have in business life.

This is not to bash you as a person. Only certain actions.

Which can change with a sudden mindset shift.

The marketing industry reeks of peddlers. Standing on a soapbox.

Explaining how this special Oil will solve ALL your problems.

How you will NEVER see this $27 ebook again. Unless you BUY NOW.

Sad tactics. Made to manipulate even the smartest people.

Who of course believe they are incapable of succumbing to such things.

That ain’t true.

Because to some people, I’m a wizard.

Yet, I get duped all the time after a long day of Brain Shit.

So how can we switch our ways a little bit?

How can we work for our prospects instead of screwing them into buying?

It’s a subject I’m fascinated with.

And finally, feel guilt-free by practicing.

Excited even.

This kind of marketing will give you confidence in how you do business going forward.

At least it does for me.

It starts with knowing what stupid tactics are out there. Such as fake scarcity.

Your prospect is not a moron – It’s your wife.

So respect her by showing you’re different.

How about this…

“Yes, this is a digital product. So I won’t insult your intelligence and say there are only 25 copies left…

but my capacity to answer support questions is low.

And to ensure you get the attention you deserve, this first round will have a limit of 25 sales.

You can ask me any and every question under the sun… so long as I can help you get that problem solved”

It’s not hard to be a human being.

It’s not hard to actually want to help people solve the problem you promise them.

Yes, there are variables you cannot control.

Such as if anyone will take action.

But a smart guy once told me…

“You are not responsible for them… you are responsible TO them”

Meaning you have to deliver.

Show up.

Give them what they need to get their desired result.

Without pressuring.

Without shaming.

Without all the stupid bullshit you’ve learned in the marketing world.

Even some of the best marketers in the world use dogshit tactics to sell even worse dogshit products.

It should be a crime. And the FTC is a great thing.

I can’t believe I actually said that… but I’m grateful for the FTC…

If not for them, the world would let Snake Oil be the only game in town.

If you cannot market your business without the alphabet industries hunting you down.

Or ad networks kicking you out often…

Then what are you doing?

So let me ask you again…

Would you let your family go through that funnel you created?

Back at the Ranch,