VIP Day – First Step Invitation


Thank you SOOO MUCH for being here!

If you’re on this page, you’ve been invited to peel behind the curtain and hang out with me to dig deep into your business.

If you have a 6-12+ week coaching program that helps transform lives, I’d like to help you get even more buyers using a unique strategy.

without needing the phone call or strategy session. 


Here’s the 411 for ya:-)

I’ve set aside time in the fall

Virtually, over Zoom…

Where I’ll sit 1-on-1 with good folks to help

them take their 6-12+ week course or programs  and generate 5 to 6 figure paydays with a “First Step Epiphany”… WITHOUT 

VSLs, Webinars or phone calls.

We use simple Google docs and/or FB msgr / emails and “Tap In” First Step sales from $500 to $2,500+.

We’ve seen folks do this with a small test size of clients to see average sales between $22,000 and $192,000.

If the stars are aligned, it’s all but inevitable to see new clients jump into your world.

It’s UNLIKE ANYTHING you’ve likely ever seen.

In my experience, people try to sell their programs BEFORE their

offer is dialed in…then…try to “teach and convince” over the

phone or with long strenuous webinars which burn through expensive leads, gets a lot of “Lemme think about it” and the pressure feels awful for both people. 

BUT… when people break down their offer to hit the HOTBUTTONS and mix in some simple PRE-SELLING

…closing new clients into $500 to $2,500+ programs is hilariously fun. Oh, did I mention without getting on the phone?

What’s holding most people back is they don’t have a clear “Easy Yes” offer that solves an immediate pain and problem and knows what to say and do

BEFORE you make an offer (Pre-selling). 

With email, FB groups, and all the text options we have now it’s never been easier to get immediate buy-in without all the phone drama IF you’ve got your EZ FIRST STEP Offer Dialed-in and do even a tad of PRE-SELLING.

Now, I make most of my money doing this stuff and partnering with great fun people, and only recently started talking about this stuff

I want more experts and creators to stop trying to convince people how amazing they are and start raking in the cash they deserve…

It would be great if you could join me and you’ll get templates, questionnaires, and recordings of what we discuss and go over.

Of everything we work on together. All so you can keep a record, tweak, and adjust 

As you put all the goods to work

The First Step Done With You VIP Day is only a $2,500 deposit and then $5k AFTER you put your first $50,000 in the bank using the FSDWY…

…most of my partners make that back in one or two emails/posts give or take as long as they’ve got 500 openers/group members and a $500 product. 

I am putting you on the honor system and trust you’ll be happy to send me the $4k balance after you deposit $50k or more in your bank account:-)

Just let me know if you’re in, or out or gotta question or two, and I’ll get you started on some pre-workshop goodies that can make your investment back before our live workshop even begins:-)

-David Rosa