Lord Rosa Says
"Protect Your Energy, Use Leverage
& Create Assets

What the Hell does that mean?

After years searching for Pandora's Box... I found myself lost on a deserted island.

Dry ass lips. Ashy skin, Cracked legs

Pissed I didn't have any clean water. 

Suffocated from loneliness, sadness and anxiety.

Wondering what the hell is going on?

Until I found a map.

This map had a shiny glimmer of hope attached.

A small quartz rock. Right at the tip.

The rock facing north... 

This is where my story is right now.

After years of ridicule, doubts from others. Failing & losing... I found a glimmer of hope.

That rock represented a message I found going deep inside myself.

Which I now understand will help guide me towards that damn box.

Protect Your Energy: 

Doing everything you can to rid yourself & environment of negative jargon. 

People who suck your time & energy dry.

Stop caring what others think and just give great value. 

End those activities that no longer serve you like drugs and mindless sex. Social media addiction without purpose.

Start practicing discipline...

Stop playing small, 

Exercise, focus on health & build great relationships. 

Know yourself. Self awareness. Get Real & Have fun.

etc... you get the point.

Use Leverage: 

Find opportunities to use other peoples resources to create deals.

Win win situations for all parties. Do $1,000 an hour work such as sales copy... instead of drone admin data entry. 

Swing HUGE doors using small hinges. 

Give presentations for other audiences. Get in contact with people you know who are doing things.

80/20 everything.

Create Assets: 

Take your talents, skills, knowledge on the road.

Put together processes and systems for yourself. Create intellectual property. It could be as simple as how you organize information. Package that up for later.

Build audiences to boost your equity. Build or gain access to platforms. Etc...

These are the main principles I live by these days. They are what will guide me to the promise land... as long as we stick to the script. Sure I'm human that means I ain't perfect. 

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