99 Day Deal Making Introvert Challenge

For the next 99 days (until September 9th, my birthday), I will do what it takes to get my first 5 deals online. I will contact creators and offer a risk free way to make sales and cashflow their assets. 

If you want to learn, join me, or watch my many failures... by all means come on in. You'll hear about the entire journey and the lessons along the way. 

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Background Context: I have a 14 year background in direct response marketing and copywriting on a small scale. Yet, I will only use what I've recently learned by the great Travis Sago to execute this challenge.

Travis teaches a specific philosophy when it comes to marketing, dealmaking and sales creation which is what I'll put to the test. After 15 years under my belt, this is probably one of the best business models I've seen to create true freedom. But let's not jump the gun just yet.

My goal is to become a successful healthy introvert. Living on my own terms.

I will develop my self esteem by eliminating self doubt. How? By outworking the demon of self doubt and creating a pool of undeniable proof that I am who I say I am.

Fitness, discipline, doing the work and of course... Have fun!

Wanna join?

P.S. Here is where I plan to let you know about some future updates... for now, a post script and post scripts.

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