I Know Some Copy Writes, But Let’s Get Clients

My Goal Is simple…

I go through one copywriting course

Then create an offer to shill new potential clients.

I’ll be doing nothing but offering one thing

And my knowledge will be to use the information in that single copywriting course.

What price points?


I’m gonna start small.

I’m talking $500 for a short salesletter.

That might not seem like a lot to the big wigs, but we’re gonna roll up the punches over time.

The goal is to have an offer so good, people would be CRAAAZY not to take it.

Now David (yes, that’s my name)…

‘How you gon get these so called clients?’

No clue.

Just like many newbie copywriters, I’ve got 503940384 courses on both copywriting & getting clients and to be honest…

…they all say the same stuff wrapped in special language.

Be a cool human being, present a great offer, reach out to see if it’s a good fit. Manage expectations, get paid before and after the work is done.

My plan is to stick to the plan…

but going with the great philosopher Mike Tyson, I know I’m bound to get punched in the face.

So we will roll with it.

Here’s The Uber Jist

For the next 90 days I’m going to use one course to model my copy after…

Then create an offer to generate clients in the bestest way I know. By jumping into job boards, talking to human beings and answering copywriting ads.

Will I use any portfolio from my past?


I’m going in super green.

Sure, I know how to put sentences together (hopefully) but my goal is to go in blind and with no fear.

Because guess what….

I’m not promised tomorrow and there are much worse things in this life than hearing someone curse me out on a text, email of phone call…

So, let’s get it.

What do you get?

You get a daily play by play on my tactics and journey.

Along with my copywriting marketing strategy thingamabob I will, (internally) go through to deliver such projects.

No, you won’t see all the little copy tidbits out of respect to said client…

…but, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two on a different process.

How much?

$50 flat.

90 day journey.

Let’s get Er Done