Get More Sales And New Opportunity Right Now

No matter where you are in your business... No matter if you sell services... Information... or physical products...

...The HVC system is like money extraction is money waiting to be found. I've seen it in 100% of the businesses I've worked with over the past 10 years.


Do you want to choose your customers and clients? Yes, high value customers who buy from you over and over again...

...simply because the words on a screen have impact in the deep scary soul of your buyers.

You can create a flood of hungry passionate buyers by getting a few small things right.

In fact, there are only 11 steps in my system to do just that.

It's something not one in 1,000 people have ever experienced. Yet a need for anyone who wants their marketing to actually work.

If they want to keep their dream of being a business owner or entrepreneur alive.

These 11 steps are crucial in every marketing endeavor I've ever been through. 

And each time, there has been big breakthroughs worth tens of thousands in found, new money.

There have been some BIG opportunities uncovered by tapping into just ONE part of these 11 steps.

And that's a damn good thing. You won't need all 11. Chances are just 1 or two would create massive waves.

But implementing more than that will turn you into a powerhouse. I've done it multiple times in many different markets.

But I'm starting from scratch to see if my salt is worth it... AGAIN

For the past 10 years, I've failed to put them into an easy to follow system. It was just natural for me.

Yet now, I'm trying to put the pieces together.

It's called The High Value Customer. 

11 leverage points on the customer buying process.

Which has more to do with respect for your clients and customers throughout their experience with your business... than hard pressure selling.

Using fake scarcity and false time constraints which breed contempt.


We are in a time of yelling and screaming. Everywhere you look, the new marketing tactics will make you 60 billion in 4 weeks. 

What's the quality of customer and prospect when you have a business model that supports this? In my experience... churn and burn.

Think about your buying criteria for a second. Do you appreciate being pressured to buy? Or would you rather have autonomy and control over the process.

As if you made a great decision first.

With that said, I invite you to learn a different way to look at your marketing process. 

It doesn't matter if you sell information or widgets. Services or software. You need to get new customers, service them, and ask them to buy more and more often.

So I've started writing emails to give out my process for getting 3x - 11x growth whenever my clients or I use this system.

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The High Value Customer

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