The Great Course Ruse

How “Course Wizards” Confuse You Into Believing ‘You’re Not Good Enough

& How To Go Full Throttle With Your Business In 2023 and Beyond By Prioritizing What’s Important NOW

It’s a hoax… a ruse… a lie and you should know about it.

People are buying ads to confuse you into their world.

shouting at the top of their lungs from the hills about everything dying…

…meta is dying

…youtube is the way

…email is dead

…clubhouse is still twitching

…tiktok ads and snapchaps ads…

Guess what? They are all looking to sell you a course.

All of them are trying to exploit a hidden emotion we all have in this business journey.


…of missing out – on a trend, new object, new software

Fear of not being good enough

…of not having the success we think we should have

… of our own insecurities.

This year alone, I’ve bought 10k+ worth of courses.

Out of hope and sheer excitement that I can grow my small enterprise with them.

How many have I used? One.

The others did not serve me in my situation. I had no clue what was happening until long after any “return policy.”

I am just as gullible human as anyone

Why am I committing this marketing sin by telling you this?

because you don’t have to be manipulated into some shiny course… especially if that’s not gonna help your business grow RIGHT NOW.

as a human being, I feel comfortable making my own damn decisions. Full autonomy in how I choose to make a living.

…not get roped into buying garbage using shady wizardry… or evolutionary psychology.

this lead me to think about how…

Snake Oil Bandits Need Banishing…

Imagine going to the doctor’s office. The nice reception lady has you fill out the short form and tell you to wait to be called.

Doc, cracks open the door and asked you to follow him.

and the moment you sit down in the chair, he spits out…

“you look ill. I going to prescribe you some X Y Z to help get rid of those black shadows around your eyes. That paleness should go away in a few days.”


The second Doc-Schwartz finished that sentence, I turn into spongebob…

That, my friend, is called MALPRACTICE.

It’s what course sellers are doing to the masses over and over again.

For years, they claim to know exactly what your problems are without ever asking.

Without knowing what situation you’re currently going through.

It’s criminal.

Especially when they harp on your fears of not being enough.

Just because you’re not using YouTube video ads at this moment in time… doesn’t mean you will be a failure for the rest of your life.

I’m sorry… that’s just not true.

If my clients aren’t coming back often… why am I buying a Youtube Ads course?

If my landing pages aren’t converting… why would I pick up an email marketing training?

this is when I had to question myself… my sanity…

and wondered if these course sellers had my best interest at heart.

There are plenty of good people out there…

And even those folks with great reputations & products mean well.

yet, on the other side, I’ve been burned…

it happens and you know…

…people will lie, cheat, and steal to get your credit card info.

Unfortunately, It’s rare to find someone who is

actually willing to help you.

you can tell who they are by their selfless acts of giving.

Jay Abraham calls this the Strategy of Preeminence.

The act of Giving freely in the best interest of your audience. No matter if you will be paid or not. 

It’s a simple practice, but you won’t find many people doing this.

So, if you’re looking to get to the next level in your business growth… we can talk about what “course” will help later.

Right now, let’s get real about your situation.

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